Are you bored with traffic jams and are you angry that there is nowhere to park? Become one of the architects who will propose future smart cities.

Do you like analysis and searching for the easiest solutions? With us, at Automation, you may utilize it well.
You will learn about automation and management of processes with the support of information and communication technologies we will learn you everything you need to become a respected expert in your field. Thanks to theoretical knowledge you will gain during studies you will have great preconditions for the next studies for either other forms of university studies and life long education. Besides theory, you will get a chance to gain priceless practical experiences with applications in safety-critical management and communication systems, realised mainly on PLC and industrial networks. After the end of studies, you will find a job fast for example in the area of operation of management and information systems on process and operation level.


  • PLC and Safety-PLC programming
  • Expert on testing and safety management of ICT systems
  • Expert on safety information transfer
  • Programming of artificial intelligence
  • Designer of management systems for industry and/or transport
  • Expert on the safety of data transfer/processing
  • Operator of management technologies
  • System programming (expert on the programming of management systems)