The basic condition for admission to the bachelor‘s degree study (the first-degree study programme) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT UNIZA) is the full completion of secondary general education or full secondary vocational education (Higher Education Act, No.131/2002 Coll. as amended).  

In the case of a foreign applicant or a student who completed secondary education abroad, the education is comparable to that completed by a school leaving examination in the Slovak Republic. An applicant who completed secondary education abroad shall submit, along with the application form or more precisely, no later than on the date of enrolment, the decision on the recognition of the certificate of completion of secondary education recognized by a relevant institution in the Slovak Republic. 

To study at the faculty, written and oral command of Slovak or Czech is required. An applicant who received his secondary education abroad (except the Czech Republic, provided that the studies are in the Czech language) and applies for studies in the Slovak language, submits with the application for university studies, or at the latest for study enrollment, a certificate/document on the level of knowledge of the Slovak language at least at level B1 (it is possible to take the Slovak language course at UNIZA before the admission procedure). 

Deadline for submitting the application form  
until 31st March 2023  

Date of admission procedure  
20.06. – 21.06.2023 

Other conditions of admission  

  1.  Admission to study without an entrance examination for the study programs of the faculty except for the study programme  multimedia technology  

Without an entrance examination will be admitted secondary school graduates who were successful solvers during their secondary school studies and placed at least 3rd place, including, at the district level at least in  Olympiads in mathematics, physics and informatics, international and national competitions related to the content of the study program, SOČ or Technical Idea of the Year (original name: Technická myšlienka roka) FEIT UNIZA or successfully passed the matriculation exam in mathematics or physics or informatics, with a final grade of 1 or 2.  

  1. Entrance examination for study programs of the faculty except for the study programme  multimedia technology 
  • All applicants for study who do not meet the condition for admission to study without an entrance examination will take an entrance examination. 
  • The entrance examination is conducted in the form of a test of knowledge from the secondary school curriculum  
  • Individual test questions are from the field: 
  • general overview and knowledge acquired during secondary school studies 
  • secondary school mathematics 
  • Sample questions from the entrance examination test 
  • The applicant can get from 0 to 100 points for correct answers. 
  • A minimum pass rate of at least 61% is required. 
  • An applicant with specific needs at his request and based on the evaluation of his specific needs in accordance with §100 par. 9 letters b) of the Act on Higher Education, the dean of the faculty determines the form of the entrance exam and the way it is conducted, taking into account his specific needs and in accordance with Directive No. 198 Support for study applicants and students with specific needs at the University of Žilina 
  • The applicant is obliged to present an identity card and a copy of the graduation certificate during the entrance examination. If the applicant does not have a secondary school graduation certificate, he/she must submit it no later than the day of registration for university studies. 


  1. Entrance exams for the study programme multimedia technologies 

Applicants for the study programme multimedia technologies will undergo the entrance examination consisting of three parts:  

  • presentation of the applicant‘s motivation to study the study programme, 
  • evaluation of the achieved study results of the applicant and the general overview of the applicant; 
  • presentation of the applicant‘s multimedia activities and knowledge in the scope of secondary school curriculum, including clarification of the procedures and techniques used. 

evaluation of the admission procedure 

  • On the basis of the admission procedure, the following applicants are admitted to study: 

a) applicants who have met the prerequisites for admission to study without an entrance examination, 
b) applicants who passed the entrance examination and got to the list of accepted applicants. 

  • When creating the list of accepted applicants who passed the entrance examination, the order of applicants determined by the respective number of points that the applicants obtained from the test of knowledge of the secondary school curriculum is accepted, as well as the decision of the dean of the faculty on the final number of accepted applicants. The dean decides on the final number of admitted applicants based on the capacity of the given study programme. 
  • Applicants are informed about the results of the admission procedure via the UNIZA website, and the Decision on acceptance/rejection for study is delivered to them by post no later than 30 days from the date of the entrance examination. 
  • The procedure for registering the applicant for studies is also indicated in the Decision on admission to study delivered to the applicant. 

Admission of foreign students 

  • The basic and other terms and conditions of admission are applicable for applicants from abroad as well as for applicants from Slovakia. Foreign students who study in a foreign language (i.e. not Slovak), pay the tuition fee as stated in Section 92 (8) of the Higher Education Act. The tuition fee is specified by the UNIZA directive and published for the respective academic year on the University website.  
  • Foreign students who study in Slovak language do not have to pay the tuition fee. Applicants who do not actively speak Slovak or Czech are required to successfully complete their language training at least at level B1 (it is possible to attend the Slovak language courses at UNIZA). For foreign applicants who were admitted on the basis of intergovernmental agreements, bilateral agreements or Slovak government grants, terms and conditions stated in the respective documents are applicable.

Improving courses 

One week before starting at FEIT, we organize for first-year bachelor students improving courses in secondary school mathematics and physics. After completing the courses, students usually have no problem with math and physics at FEIT.  

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