You can select from study fields (official programmes) which are, and in future will be, required by the companies. We cannot offer you your diploma just for attending, but you can be sure that if you will work hard and finish your studies, companies will be fighting over you. After you finish your bachelor studies, you can seamlessly move to master studies and become true processional in prestigious and lucrative areas.

Automation is a phenomenon of the 21st century. Come make life easier with us. We will make you an expert in the area of reliable and secure communication, or data processing for intelligent transport or modern industry. Submit your application and you can become one of the architects of the future.

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and ... you? Change the way how people will communicate with each other. You will learn how computer and radio networks operate, you will develop optical networks and wireless systems. Moreover, you will gain access to knowledge about the most recent information communication technologies.

Not only medics save lives. Come help! In our biomedical and electrical engineering laboratories, you will learn how to propose and build medical devices and you will be involved in the design of new medical equipment.

Do you like to connect power and programming? Join electrical engineers, you will learn advanced techniques from the development of electrical circuits, wirings and networks. You will get to know high voltage; high power and you will have control over production and distribution of huge energy.

Can you combine art with technology? Then jump into a speeding train of modern multimedia. We will teach you how to create high-quality multimedia content for web and mobile applications and show you a fascinating world of computer vision, 3D environment and virtual reality.

Introduction of devices and system based on light brings a new technical revolution not only in industry and data transfer but also in medicine and everyday life. Become developer of new technologies. Future belongs to you and light. Don't throw away your chance to study hi-tech in area of electrooptics.

Look at the list of master study programmes which are built on bachelor studies.

Do you love smell of gasoline and you like to tame horses under the hood? On autotronics, you will find out how modern cars works, you will learn that with a laptop you can do more than using jack and tools, as well as that right diagnostics can help to prevent any failure. You will make it all without getting dirty from the oil.

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