Do you have a vision on how people will communicate in the future? We will give you access to knowledge on modern information-communication technologies and you can change the world.

Do you like to explore new ways of communication? In telco study field you will gain all required scholarly knowledge, information about technologies from areas of transfer and processing of all kind of information, about structure and operation of devices and systems of fixed and mobile networks. You will learn about modern platforms of optical networks, welding of optical fibres is a piece of cake. You will learn how to create mobile applications and you will gain maximum from your smartphone. We will teach you how to best utilize information technologies in different areas and help you to gain priceless practical experiences from the economy, management, legal regulations, but we will also deal with psychology. With such knowledge, you can easily find employment in companies focussed on communication and information technologies as an executive or manager.

The Communication and Information Technology study programme is also offered for studies at the Institute of Aurel Stodola in Liptovský Mikuláš, which is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Zilina


  •  ICT specialist
  •  Administrator of computer networks and telecommunication systems
  •  Developer of mobile applications
  •  Designer and programmer of web and database applications
  •  Designer of communication systems
  •  Technology expert in the area of computers and telecommunication systems
  •  Manager in the area of IT
  •  Programmer or tester
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