We will accept you based on your results at secondary school. If you fulfil some conditions you will have an advantage:


You have finished secondary school with a school examination.
You have good enough study results at secondary school
And if you want another advantage you can gain it by participating in student competitions, knowledge Olympics or other related competitions

We don't need your medical certificate and we provide assistance to students with specific needs.

Submit your application

Don't forget to submit your application before 13. 08. 2021. You can apply for multiple study programmes, however, you will have to do it individually and pay application fees.

No admission

Good news, applicants will be accepted for the studies without admission (except applicants for Multimedia technology study programme), if they comply with legal conditions for bachelor studies.
If you apply for Multimedia Technology study programme, there is nothing we can do, you will have to attend mandatory admission. However, it is not too complicated. You will be interviewed to see if you have what it takes to become a student of this study programme (orientation in the area of multimedia technologies). The interview will be held on 22. 6. 2020.

Wait for notification

The postman always rings twice and until 30 days after admission you can expect a letter from us with your notification of acceptance.