Bachelor's and Master's study programs are accredited for studies in the Slovak language.



You have finished secondary school with a school examination.
You have good enough study results at secondary school
We accept you without entrance examination if you were a successful solver and if you placed at least 3rd place at the district level of subject Olympiads in mathematics, physics and informatics, international and national competitions related to the content of the study program, SOČ or Technical Idea of the Year (original name: Technická myšlienka roka) FEIT UNIZA or successfully graduated matriculation exam in mathematics or physics or informatics, with a grade of 1 or 2.
The entrance examinations are easy, they will be online, you can find detailed information on the SK website or EN website

We don't need your medical certificate and we provide assistance to students with specific needs.

The application you must

  • print
  • sign
  • scan (photo from mobile phone)
  • upload the Electronic application to the system
  • you do not need to send the application by post - we accept submission of the application electronically

Submit your application

Don't forget to submit your application before 31. 03. 2023. You can apply for multiple study programmes, however, you will have to do it individually and pay application fees.

Wait for notification

The postman always rings twice and until 30 days after admission you can expect a letter from us with your notification of acceptance.

Enroll at FEIT

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