Do you use gasoline instead of aftershave and automatic transmission is the worst invective? Autotronics will be the perfect option for you. Come study this field and you will learn all required knowledge in a broad spectrum of automotive electronics, hybrid vehicles and electromobility.

You will gain a wide professional profile, which will help you to find a job easily and you will be able to identify all kinds of electronic failures in vehicles which will help you to adapt in technical services. You can get a job anywhere, however, you will be interesting mainly in service centres and repair shops, in shops with modern vehicles, or learning institutions. Do you want to tame wild horses under the hood? With a laptop, you can do much more than with gearbox and you can fix a vehicle without getting dirty from oil...


  • Expert in the development of safety engineering vehicles
  • Expert in the development of vehicle communication components
  • Expert in the development of vehicle drive systems
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