Are you searching for the perfect connection between art and technology? Then jump into a speeding train of modern multimedia and learn how to create high-quality multimedia content. Are you IT geeks with artist soul? With Multimedia technologies we will help you open door to a new world and teach you secrets of collection, processing and presentation of digital signals.

The synergy of technical and art studies will make you expert in the creation of multimedia presentations in perfect technical, esthetic and art levels. Don't be afraid, we will not overwhelm you with boring theories, you will be able to get a lot of practical experiences with working on image and sound elements of multimedia and you will gain knowledge, which will help you to get job in organisations focussed on information technologies, commerce and advisory activities, institutions of public administration, or studios producing multimedia products.


  • Web designer
  •  Graphic editor
  •  Multimedia content creator
  •  Computer games and virtual reality programmer
  •  Designer of mobile and 3D applications
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