Are you fascinated by a laser show? However, that is not all that we can do with light. These days introduction of devices and system based on light brings a new technical revolution not only in industry and data transfer but also in medicine and everyday life. Look at your smartphone – it is obvious that without light it is just a piece of plastics. OLED, LED, lasers, CCDs, CMOS, solar panels are all examples of technologies, which students of Electrooptics work with. And that is not all, Electrooptics is offering you understanding and working with advanced production technologies and materials for light systems. With us, you will learn to program the world of new light technologies and how to get light on a chip. Use your potential – future belongs to you and light. Don't throw away your chance to study hi-tech in area of electrooptics.


  • Developer in area of optical and photonic fibres
  • Designer and developer of headlamps in the car industry
  • Technologist for lithography and growing of crystals in the semiconductor industry
  • Developer of laser systems
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