Do you want to try it at Electrical engineering? Come to us and we will teach you everything you need to know to become a leading expert in areas like power electronics, applied microprocessor technology, programming of management systems od complex electrical devices, electro energetic or mechatronics.

Besides that, you will gain useful knowledge in the area of quality management and reliability of production processes in the industry. You will understand how marketing and business work, you will get familiar with electrical engineering regulations and legal aspects related to the study field. Later you can select one of the specializations: auto-electrical engineering, electrical traction, electrical drives, electro energetics, power electronic systems or mechatronic systems. You don't have to worry, it is not all only about theory. Practical experience is the base of studies at FEIT. We will not let you practice without letting you know how everything works. We will teach you to understand principles of installation, operation, functionalities, servicing and repairing of electrical equipment, devices and machines, so everything will be in line with international standards. When you manage to finish all of it, you will find a job with our degree anywhere in the area of electro energetics, mechatronics, robotics, applied microprocessor technology, electrical engineering, optoelectronics, power electronics, computer design and construction, in organisations related to managing, production, operation or repairing. Are you charged with knowledge? Do you like a thrill, high power and you manage excessive energy well? Join us and embrace the art of work with a fascinating phenomenon that drives the whole world.

Autotronics is a part of Electrical Engineering


  • Expert in energetics
  • Designer of electrical machines
  • Microcontroler programmer
  • Network dispatcher
  • Network operation technician
  • Designer
  • Application engineer


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