Did you want to be a medical doctor, but you don't like blood? NO problem, you can still follow your dream. With studies of biomedical engineering, you will get knowledge not only about technical subjects but also theoretical basics of medical disciplines with a focus on the construction and function of biological objects, biochemical, physiological and pathophysiological processes.

We will teach you everything about medical technology, and its applications. You will learn a lot about modern medical devices, their operation principles and you will understand conditions for their operation and safe usage for diagnostics and healing purposes. After the studies, you will become professionals who will be able to assess the functionality of technological and computer-aided devices under different conditions of health care facilities or other facilities and laboratories. Moreover, you will be able to competently communicate with medical staff. You will have wide options for employment in both technical and medical areas. You can work in business and be involved in the development of new medical devices, or be a researcher at the academy of science or university. You can also become an IT specialist for medical information systems or sales representant in companies that offer medical devices. Are you fascinated by the connection between IT and medicine? Do you have ideas on how artificial intelligence could improve healthcare? Join us in the development of excellent medical devices.


  • IT specialist in medical information systems
  • Biomedical engineer in medical facilities
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